Dental Refresh

Sena is a partner in Greece of the German company Dental Refresh a start-up company which specialises in dental and mouth hygiene. Dental Refresh manufactures an extremely stylish and functional dispenser for its custom designed mouthwash. The product intends to enhance and upgrade the offered hygiene services and is ideal for catering establishments such as hotels and restaurants, but it is also appreciated in office environments. It is a product that has been highly rated in large employee and customer satisfaction surveys as it is created to meet the need for fresh and clean breath elegantly and effectively. The product bears all the necessary credentials and it is recommended by the dental association.


SENA was founded in 1982 in Thessaloniki and is the oldest commercial provider of hygiene and sanitary products in catering establishments, such as hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as large industrial spaces like factories , corporations and offices.

SENA has offices and warehouses in Athens and Thessaloniki and a nationwide distribution network.