Chemical Products


High performance alkaline dishwasher detergent powder with bleaching agents. Specifically designed to provide effective soil removal in soft water conditions 4.5 KG


Concentrated low foaming rinse aid for dishwasher use 4L


Strong alkaline detergent in powder form suitable for use on all automatic dosing dishwashers 4.5 KG


Hand and plates dishwashing liquid 5L


Multi purpose cleaner without chlorine 5L


Concetrated bathroom cleaner 5L


Washroom cleaner descaler concetrate 5L


Heavy duty oven and grill cleaner available with foam sprayer for safe application and use 5L


Heavy duty degreaser 5L


Cleaner disinfectant for surfaces and food preparation-processing equipment based on quaternary ammonium salt 5L


Glass and surface cleaner 5L


Glass and surface cleaner concetrated 5L


Neutral floor cleaner low foam 5L


Dishwashing liquid 4L


All purpose liquid cleaner 4L


All purpose liquid cleaner 13L


Anti-calc bath use cleaner 4L


Thickened bleach 4L


Thickened bleach 13L


Dishwashing liquid 13L


Professiona laundry powder 20kg



SENA was founded in 1982 in Thessaloniki and is the oldest commercial provider of hygiene and sanitary products in catering establishments, such as hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as large industrial spaces like factories , corporations and offices.

SENA has offices and warehouses in Athens and Thessaloniki and a nationwide distribution network.